About Em

A free-spirited girl who grew up in Paradise. No seriously, it’s a small mountain town in Northern California with no freeway, no Starbucks, and where designer anything was just pretty pictures in magazines at the grocery store.

So, after graduating from Business school I packed up as many shoes as I could fit in my little Toyota Camry and moved to “the land of opportunity,” also known to everyone else as, The San Francisco Bay Area.

Although I try my best to keep up with the latest and greatest, my bank account and I are just on different pages (like a bad boyfriend…) So me being me, I go out and find the look for less!

I’ve always referred to myself and my style as, “A woman of many hats.” (I do have a lot of hats…) But what I mean is one day you’ll catch me in a pleated skirt and pearls and the next I’ll be in lace-up boots and skull and crossbones, then Nike’s and a ball cap. My style is across the board, so although the name may be common…the girl is rare.

After hours, days, and months of drooling over countless other blogs, the inspiration for Em Lauren was born. So to put it lightly…I’m really glad you’re here!

Yours Truly,