Nip & Fab Product Review & My Top 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin


I’m sure many of you set out to make 2018 a healthier one…I know I sure did! I know from many years of experience that no matter how good you feel on the inside and out if your skin is acting all kinds of crazy it can seriously be a major buzz kill. I have been there and back with my skin which is something I haven’t shared too much about on the blog. At 27, I finally feel comfortable enough to open up about my journey with troublesome skin and share with you the top 5 tips I feel have made the biggest difference for me personally in hopes that some of you who struggle with your skin as well might find some relief.


It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about it here on the blog and I believe I’ve only talked about it twice but at the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (commonly known as PCOS.) One of the common symptoms is dealing with acne from a hormonal imbalance in the body. On top of that, I was right smack dab in the middle of hormone central being 22 as well as being a senior in college trying to juggle a full school schedule and graduate and work a part-time job. So the stress was at a major high point. The cherry on top was not taking my health seriously at that point in time with bar food and beer probably being the main ingredient in my diet. Let’s just say my skin was far from pretty…could you blame it??

I remember one time, in particular, my skin getting so bad that I sat in my car in a parking lot crying because I didn’t want to walk around campus and have to go to class and group meetings with my skin looking the way it did. I wanted to go home, curl up with a blanket over my head until my skin cleared up haha. There are times when NO amount of makeup will help and sometimes I think it literally makes it worse! I giant cakey mess right in the middle of my face…awesome. There have been times when I honestly would have rather worn a big happy face sticker on each spot and walk around like that…I promise I’m not joking.


Before I get into my 5 top tips for healthier skin I wanted to take a minute to talk about these Nip & Fab products. After struggling with my skin for so long (and I still do) I have become pretty darn picky about what I choose to put on it. I was impressed that each of these products hit all the marks in my daily routine which was sort of the inspiration for this post! Kudos to them too that each of these products smell AMAZING as well as the fact that I’ve been using each of these for a few months and have yet to run out of any of them! On top of that, you can easily purchase them at your local CVS, Walgreens or Ulta store. Being a girl that grew up in the country where we don’t have many shopping options we love when great products can be found easily at the stores we have available to us!


Alright, as promised here are my Top 5 Tips for healthier skin that I feel have made a major difference in my skin over the past few years and have taken my skin from cringe-worthy to something I can actually be proud of.

1.HYDRATE! I’m talking water people! Drink it! There’s a reason this one is first on the list and it’s not to be taken lightly. Try your very best to drink half your body weight in ounces a day. I’ve replaced water with all other drinks during meals over the years and this helps me reach my goal. I drink some as soon as I wake up (great for your digestive system), while I workout, with meals, I keep it in the car with me, I go to bed with it, etc. Find yourself a water bottle that you love (A big one so you don’t always have to be refilling and it helps you track your ounces.) If it has to be pink and uber girly with sparkles and flashing lights then do it. I’m telling you, you will love the results not just with your skin but your entire body will thank you. Brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin. If you’re dehydrating yourself, you’re aging yourself!

2. EAT CLEAN! You want clean skin? You gotta eat clean! Your mama’s weren’t kidding when they said you are what you eat. It really starts from the inside out. Yes, of course there are those who can eat whatever they want & never get a pimple their whole life…good for them, we are not those people. Our bodies send us messages of what is happening on the inside and if your skin is going crazy it’s your body telling you, you need to make changes.

3. MOISTURIZE. This is always important but even more so during the winter when our skin is naturally much drier than normal. This is a common misconception for people who struggle with acne. We think, “Oh man, my skin is terrible and so oily so lets dry it out.” What your body is saying is, “Hello! I’m dry! Well now i’m going to start producing MORE oil to help myself out here.” Yep I said it…MORE OIL! So all you’re actually doing is making this situation worse by not moisturizing your skin daily. Your skin starts producing more oil and clogging up your pores and then you continue to try and dry it out some more. Every time I think of drying out my skin I just think of oil seeping out of my pores and clogging everything up…now isn’t that a sexy thought?? My game plan that has worked well for me is to keep my moisturizer lighter during the day with also a sunscreen so that my makeup looks better throughout the day and I don’t get too oily. Then at night I give my skin a nice drink of water (heavier moisturizer.) I also add a shot of extra hydration at night into my moisturizer which is another reason I loved the Nip & Fab product line so much because they sell the hydrate shot. So at night while you sleep, your skin can soak up all of that great moisturizer and come morning you have a lovely smooth feeling to your skin that looks amazing and dewy.

4. EXFOLIATE. On top of having troublesome skin I also have very sensitive skin so exfoliating was something I always stayed away from for the longest time afraid that it would cause more redness and dryness. However, it’s been a major game changer. It’s purpose is to help shed dead skin and is great for helping shrink pores. I’ve enjoyed using Nip & Fab’s exfoliate glycolic serum which also helps treat blemishes. I normally stick to exfoliating just in my nightly routine instead of twice a day because my skin can dry out very quickly so it helps to avoid that by only using once a day.

5. CONSISTENCY. Every single time I haven’t washed my face at night and didn’t do my normal routine I’ve regretted it. By the very next day, my skin looks and feels flaky and scaly and it takes me several days to get it looking and feeling smooth again. Of course, I usually end up with enlarged pores and a minor breakout to top it off. When I’m consistent with my routine is when I see the best results in my skin so I highly recommend whatever routine you decide you really need to do it daily to see visible improvements.


After struggling with skin since I was about 13 years old I’ve done a lot of research and major trial and error over the years! I would try just about anything to clear my skin. I’ve practically fried off my face several times from heavy creams from doctors, put vaseline all over my face because a friend told me to, toothpaste on blemishes to try and dry them out, the list goes on and on. I’ve enjoyed writing about my experience in hopes that I can be helpful to someone who feels like clear skin is hopeless and unachievable for them…because there were so many times that I felt the exact same way!


Yours Truly,