Thanksgiving Tablescape 2017 – Convincing Your Family That Sitting Outside Is Chic


One of the things I miss most about home is how beautiful the Fall foliage is. Normally by Thanksgiving all the leaves have already showcased their beautiful unique colors, fallen, and have turned brown and dried up for the year. Interestingly enough they held out a little longer for us this year and were scattered across the back patio in an ombre effect shining from bright yellow to rich red. When I say held out I really mean just long enough to make it through Thanksgiving day…by the next morning they had already faded in color and lost most of their magic.


The weather was shockingly warm and beautiful for the end of November and my mom was trying to figure out how to get 11 people all sitting comfortably in our dining room so I suggested why not sitting outside this year. I’ve always wanted to host an outside communal style dinner party so this felt like the perfect time.


We have these old french doors that step down to our back patio from our entry way living room that offers an amazingly welcoming atmosphere perfect for hosting an outdoor gathering. All of the men in my family were playfully teasing me with the idea of eating outdoors, so I was on a mission to show them how chic it can be! (Chic is not a word in their vocabulary so I was teased for that as well! haha)


If this tablescape seems a bit eclectic to you that’s because it absolutely was. I started pulling random things from inside my parent’s house. A bunch of candles in all different fall colors and candlestick holders in different shapes and sizes. Leftover pears from our homemade pear pie, pumpkins from Trader Joe’s from decorating for Halloween as well as seriously gorgeous pomegranates from my Aunt and Uncle’s yard along with bay leaf clippings. Dried hydrangeas that my mom dried early Fall before the weather ruined them became our centerpiece. They dried this beautiful teal color and she paired them with a burnt orange vase. Twisted rosemary sprigs became our napkin rings from our rosemary bush in the backyard.


There was a good chance of rain that day even though the day before was nearly 70 degrees and sunny out so we figured we would see what the next day would bring and sit indoors if need be. The next day, I waited until about an hour before people were supposed to arrive and the rain had passed and it was this beautiful moody day (As you can tell from some of the earlier photos) so I figured that was good enough for me. I quickly started setting up the table while my Mom and Aunt manned the kitchen and one of my brothers started up the back patio fire pit. My dad…well he deemed himself in charge of keeping score of the football games on TV as he does every year. 🙂

Tablescape-Thanksgiving-2017 Table-Decor-for-Thansgiving

Then something amazing happened, about 30 minutes before we were to sit down to eat the sun came out and casted these beautiful afternoon rays across the backyard. It was so breathtaking that I had take more photos because the coloring was just too gorgeous not to. We finished the table off with a water pitcher with leftover cranberries from the cranberry sauce frozen into the ice cubes and our favorite Mendocino wines from Navarro Vineyards and Pacific Star Winery.

Thanksgiving-Table-topped-off-with-Mendoncino-wines Cranberry-ice-cubes-for-Thanksgiving- Thansgiving-Tablescape-2017

Normally we have to put our dogs in another room during Thanksgiving which they thoroughly dislike. One of their favorite things is to lay on the back patio and bask in the sun. This is when they are the calmest as well so they were loving that they got to be in their element while we enjoyed our dinner and be included this year.


When it was all said and done we kept hearing how awesome Thanksgiving was this year and I asked all of the men what they thought of sitting outside and they agreed that sitting outside is indeed chic…except they definitely still won’t use the word chic.

Hope you enjoyed something new! Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers!

Yours Truly,