Leopard + Timberlands + Struggling to Stay on Track


I’m all about writing on here about the things that have been currently going on in my life lately. I’m no different than anyone else so I feel like if I’m dealing with something in particular then several of you probably are too.

I know a lot of people struggle with staying on track with diet and exercise. I feel like for years I stay on track for several weeks just to have that flame burn out and it seems forever to be able to get it lit again. Then I’m left with this feeling of feeling weak, gross, and just all around not my best the entire time. You would think that feeling would be enough to keep me on track right?? I guess not haha.


I think about where I would be currently and how awesome I would feel about myself both inside and out if I hadn’t fallen off the wagon. I’m struggling with what I can do and what steps to take to keep the flame burning strong and not hitting the burn out. Maybe I should take a step back and look at what in my life is causing me to feel burnt out and have little energy or motivation to take that extra time for myself each week to make myself feel better…

Leopard-coat-with-Tiberlands-and-Levis-for-Fall Timberlands-with-leopard-jacket-for-Fall

I feel like consistency is the key to success in all things and I just struggle with finding the perfect routine to get me there. Maybe I’ll try setting small goals down on paper and rewarding myself every time I hit one. This is something I feel like I’ve tried in the past years ago but maybe I need to try even smaller goals this time so they’re easily obtainable and help me keep going.

I would love any suggestions that any one of you might have that help you stay on track in the comments below!!

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoy! After writing all that…I’m off to go workout.

Yours Truly,