Bend Travel Guide – Where to Go, Eat, & Drink in less than 24 hours

Crux Sampler and Charcuterie Plate Bend Oregon

I had mentioned a couple posts back that at the end of the summer I had a couple of weeks off work and headed straight out of the city. With Fall coming that could bring a lot of potential changes for me, I needed relaxation, adventure, and views I had never seen before. I was already traveling to Eastern Oregon to visit family and had always heard awesome things about Bend. I’ve always wanted to go so I decided that I was going to make a trip up there before heading back to California, and I only had less than 24 hours to do it…and I was going to make the most of it!

Immersion Brewing Sampler Bend Oregon

First things first, let’s talk lodging real quick! If you can’t afford or don’t want to stay right downtown I highly recommend staying in the Old Mill District. I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn with quite a bit of shopping and restaurants right next door right on the river! I was more interested in getting as much brewery hopping in that my body would allow in less than a 24 hour period (Hence all the sampler trays!) It’s a beautiful 1 mile walk to downtown but there are a few great places to stop along the way like Immersion Brewing (above) and Atlas Cider Company (below.) These two places are literally right next door to each other. Also, if you didn’t feel like walking to downtown there is Cycle Pub Bend right in the same parking lot where you could decide to take a bike tour where you get to sample beer the entire time…on and off the bike!

Atlas Cider Sampler Bend Oregon

Tip: If you or the people you’re with are not super into cider I recommend sharing a sampler instead of getting one each. These were all wonderful ciders but the sweetness can be a little too much especially if you plan on sampling several places like I was.

Downtown Bend Oregon

Next you’ll hit the heart of downtown Bend. Beautiful clean streets lined with fun boutiques with tons of locally made products, bike shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and of course breweries. You can hardly walk 5 feet here and not want to go in and check what each place has to offer.

Downtown Bend Oregon Crows Feet Commons Bend Brewing Company Downtown Bend Oregon Bend-Brewing-Company

Once I reached downtown and after shopping around before shops closed for the evening I hit Bend Brewing Company. The wait to get seated inside the restaurant on a Friday evening was more than I was willing to wait for but the awesome thing is they have this great lawn outside that meets the most beautiful view of the river and an outside bar where you can grab a beer and a seat outside for a bit. I can’t remember exactly but I believe it might have been cash only so be prepared for that!

After a beer or two here I desperately needed food so I walked a couple blocks up and hit the oh so popular Deschutes Brewery and was lucky enough to snag a table out on the patio. The patio buts up to the downtown sidewalks so the atmosphere of people walking by while you drink and eat is awesome. I highly recommend the Elk Burger by the way (not pictured) and the Marionberry Pie for dessert (below – not pictured before it was devoured!) Oregon is known for its amazing berries so I’ll always recommend anything berry related while you visit there!

Another great plus to staying at a hotel in the Old Mill District is you are in walking distance to Crux Fermentation Project. This place has the coolest atmosphere inside and out with an amazing charcuterie plate and cheese curds (cover shot photo) which you can order amongst other things on the inside, or there’s also a few food trucks on the massive lawn on the outside where they also have several cornhole games set up and an outside bar.

Bend Oregon Crux Fermentation Project Rolling-Stones-Shirt-with-floral-print-shoes Crux Sampler Bend Oregon Crux Fermentation Project Bend Oregon Crux Fermentation Project

The next morning before heading out of town I was destined to get an outfit look photographed because I am a style blogger after all so I headed back downtown for a cold brew coffee, take some photos downtown and relax a bit. Crow’s Feet Commons is right in the middle of all the breweries, restaurants, and shops that I talked about earlier in the post. It’s sits right along the river as well where people come to grab coffee or beer and take a seat on picnic benches and catch up with friends, people watch, read a book, or work from their computers.

Brixton-hat-and-Andrew-Marc-leather-jacket-Crows-Feet-Commons-Bend-Oregon Crows-Feet-Commons-Bend-Oregon Madewell-jeans-with-Andrew-Marc-leather-jacket-and-Brixton-hat-Downtown-Bend-Oregon Crows Feet Commons Cold Brew Bend Oregon Brixton-hat-with-faux-fur-Andrew-Marc-leather-jacket Fall-outfit-for-traveling-to-Bend-Oregon

Since I didn’t have time to go everywhere I wanted to I’m putting a few more suggestions below that I would have loved to check out in case any of you travel there and have an extra day or two.

McMenamins – They have an awesome patio where you can grab dinner and drinks with a sort of secret garden vibe.

Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe where you can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. It’s sits right on the river and right next to the hotels in the Old Mill District as well!

Coffee Shops:

Palate, Bluebird, Lone Pine, Looney Bean, Bad Wolf.


I hope you guys loved reading something new! Feel free to leave me comments below on what you think! Also, I’ll put links so you can shop my outfits!

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