Camo & Leopard for Fall


Kicking off Fall officially with some much-needed print mixing (my personal favorite style trend of all time!) With this look, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to talk all about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and doing things that scare us in order to achieve personal and professional growth. The purpose of this topic is no coincidence, I’ve been personally going through this myself over the past month and figured some of you might be too!

Camo-pants-with-leopard-shoes-for-Fall Leopard-print-wedges-with-camo-pants

About a month ago I was surprised to receive an e-mail asking if I wanted to walk in SF Fashion Week this year. I was completely flattered that they would want me to participate but also incredibly nervous that I would be walking in front of a bunch people. It makes me uncomfortable when I feel like all eyes are on me! But I knew that anything that makes me nervous and is putting myself out of my comfort zone was good for me and helping me grow. Sort of like the Mario Cart leveling up stuff that I talked about in my last post! So for this post I decide to dedicate it to forcing yourself to do the things that scare you because you know they will be good for you!

Camo-pants-with-leopard-shoes-and-leather-jacket Camo-pants-with-leopard-wedges-for-Fall

In a couple days, I’ll be hitting the runway in San Francisco and I decided a few weeks ago that backing out wasn’t even allowed to be an option no matter how nervous I get in anticipation. I knew that I probably wouldn’t regret doing it and that I might regret not doing it one day. Is there something that has you nervous or scared but you think would be a great learning/growing experience for you?? I figured there has to be others out there feeling exactly how I am at the moment that’s why I decide to talk about it in this post.


I love how this embroidered optimist t-shirt fits perfectly in the theme for this post. It’s so easy to get caught up in our fears and find excuses to bail out of things that make us the slightest bit uncomfortable. This shirt reminds me to always stay positive and that opportunities are always going to make your way into your life and it’s how you react to them that will either make them a positive or a negative experience. You have the power to decide this and grow from each and everything that you do! I hope you enjoy this post and you can shop it below!

Yours Truly,