Parisian Inspired for Spring


The minute I put this outfit on I felt like I should be in Paris for Spring. Ever since I was a little daydreaming girl I felt like an outfit could transport me to another time and/or place. It could take me from my bedroom in the country to the most glamorous place. I don’t just love clothes for their craftsmanship or creativity…I feel they have a power that can make someone feel like someone totally different or maybe just even make them feel they are in a different place than they really are. I know everyone isn’t into clothes or taking time to put an outfit together…but I do hope that someday everyone gets to experience that same exact feeling about something. As if they were almost untouchable.

Rebecca-Minkoff-bag-with-black-and-white-blouse-and-spring-silk-scarf-for-print-mixing Black-and-white-blouse-with-spring-silk-scarf-and-Rebecca-Minkoff-bag

I mentioned this in a post from the beginning of the year, but I try to always set a goal for the year…even if it’s just one. This year it was to get back to doing some traveling. Traveling is something I love to do…I get that untouchable feeling again. Being somewhere that I’ve never been before whether it’s glamorous or not still gives me this sense of freedom and excitement. I had to put in on the back burner for the past couple of years because man is it expensive or what?!


I think Paris in the Spring would be pretty magical…has anyone been there this time of year before? I think this scarf and Rebecca Minkoff bag would definitely be packed in my suitcase. I love the fun colors they offer to an outfit..even if you just wear it with a white t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a cool jacket!

Boyfirend-jeans-with-black-and-white-top-with-colorful-silk-scarf-for-print-mixing Black-and-white-blouse-and-colorful-spring-scarf-with-Rebecca-Minkoff-bag

Where is it that you would love to travel this year?? Hope you enjoyed this post and you can shop a look-a-like outfit below 🙂

Yours Truly,