Rocksbox Roundup and Review

Rocksbox-Roundup and Review

Cheers to another week everyone! I have been in major spring cleaning mode for the last week which is why I’m just now getting around to posting this roundup and review about Rocksbox! I was having a rough few days recovering from a wisdom teeth pull and I’m finally feeling back to my old self and getting back at it! I wanted to do a review of my last Rocksbox package in case some of you were curious to learn more about Rocksbox and the service they provide!

If any of you aren’t familiar with Rocksbox it’s a company that provides name brand jewelry delivered right to your door every month! You fill out a profile when you sign up and a personal stylist handpicks different jewelry for you every month. I like that their service is just $19 a month and the jewelry is nice name brand products that we wouldn’t normally be so inclined to buy for ourselves online or at the department store. Another perk that I like about Rocksbox is that they let you keep the jewelry for as long as you want and then you send it back when you’re done with it. Life gets our heads spinning sometimes so it’s quite a relief knowing that your shipment will never be late to be returned!


The first piece of jewelry I styled from the box was back in December! This was a fantastic statement necklace that can easily be put over a dress for something dressier or over a simple sweater like I did to add another element to a casual outfit. As a stylist, I tell my clients this all the time. Too easily women are turned off by a statement piece thinking they will never get any use out of a big, sparkly piece! This is so not the case and personally, I prefer my statement pieces to be paired with super-casual items like sweaters and even shabby band t-shirts! What I love about this piece was that it is was versatile and actually really lightweight. You would honestly forget you were even wearing it that’s how light it was even though it may not look like it.


The second piece that I styled in my box was a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. They sent me a necklace in my first box that I showed styled for the summertime day to day night look awhile back. I never complain when they send me Kendra Scott because it’s definitely jewelry that I love that I have yet to buy for myself so it’s fun to get to be able to play around with some of the jewelry without having to commit to paying for it full price. I’m not really a girl that wears pink very much and have very little of it in my closet but these ended up being absolutely perfect for a festive Valentine’s look! I loved mixing red and pink together this year. I feel like women normally pick one or the other to rock for the big V-day so this was something fun and different for me.

White dress with layered gold jewelry

The last piece I received was the double triangle gold cuff that I loved. Most of you probably see by now that I’m a huge fan of layering tons and tons of jewelry. This picture proves it with 3 necklaces, 3 bracelets and countless rings on! I’m much more into cuffs than bangels because I feel like you can control where they lay a lot more and you can layer them!! 🙂

I hope this post gets you excited about signing up for Rocksbox even if it’s just for one month to try something new in 2016! Remember to use code “emlbrown_xoxo” to get your first month free! I already have my next box and I can’t wait to shoot it for you all and show you what I got!! I hope you all have a productive and happy week! As always, thank you so so much for stopping by for a read!

Yours Truly,