Denim on Denim + Pops of Wine

Denim-on-denim-with-wine-colored-accessories Chambray-top-with-pops-of-wine Denim-on-denim-with-wine-colored-booties-and-hat Denim-on-denim-with-pops-of-wine


There is no doubt that I’m super excited for the start of spring. The warmer months are by far my favorite but I have to say I was a little sad to know that some of my favorite fall/winter pieces will soon be tucked into the closet. So for the last weekend of winter, I took a trip to wine country and decided that I would wear all the pieces and colors that won’t really make it into my spring wardrobe!

As you all know by now I love mixing things that are supposed to be unusual together so I had so much fun mixing dark denim jeans with a denim top. I topped it off with a chain necklace that complemented the buttoned-up neckline of this shirt. Knowing I had wine colored booties, a floppy hat, and lipstick I threw those in too! It doesn’t hurt that my beverage matches the outfit as well. Hope you enjoy!

Yours Truly,